When we first heard Shakka’s version of ‘Walking with Elephants’…. We was shook!!! (play it with your sub blazing and you’ll know what we mean! 🙂 .  The original by ‘Ten Walls’ is a sik house classic, but Shakka seriously took to another level! and the way ‘Frisco’ went in!…..OHHHHGOSH! It was tooo much!

Dun know!

We’re sure you must of heard this tune by now?……but if haven’t! ……Check it… play it Loud! Sik tune!.

Shakka previous works are impressive and act as an interesting introduction to his talent and more recent productions and diverse collaborations some of the UK Biggest artists such as: Wretch32, JME and Lethal Bizzle.

Although his early musical influences are said to stem from the likes of…The Police, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Bob Marley and Andre 3000, Shakka’s creative use of samples and eclectic production techniques combine to present an amazingly complex yet simple sound that is sooo hard to describe that we’re not even gonna bother trying!

It’s not often that you hear of UK Producers & Artists creating so much fire on the music scene….but Shakka is one of them! Shakka is truly talented and produces the kind of music you can sing and…. ‘shakkout!’ (dance) to but you ….just….can’t…. categorise it!
… you don’t need too!       It’s Shakka!            Vybz! ?


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