SKEPTA Featuring: JME – #ThatsNotMe

SKEPTA Ft: JME – #That’s Not Me

That’s not me by talented UK artists Skepta & Jme is a tune of the year, it’s an anthem and even a tune for the decade!…..and beyond.

The reason we’re making such a bold statement about this track is the message it delivers. Skeptas Powerful hook line of ‘That’s Not Me” combined his message that affiliation to certain ‘brands’ just aren’t necessary is inspiring, real and true!

Skepta and JME

Ok, so I’m sure we’ve all done it! Instead of using that money for something more important! We’ve gone and spent bills on some stupidly expensive brand, with the possibly misguided thought that we will look or be extra cool when we wear it! When in actual fact no one really gives one!…………….or they think it’s fake! 🙁

Hey we all like nice things and theirs nothing wrong with having expensive things…….if you can afford it!

why do we feel we need to portray ourselves as millionaire playboys if we’re not!?
why do we feel we need to portray ourselves as self employed Diva’s if we’re not!?
…..are we looking for some sort of nod of approval?

… trying to keep up appearances is likely to end in problems if…. that’s not you!.

Hey the next time I go shopping, if I can’t afford it or don’t need it, then it’s totally cool…..”That’s Not Me”…. 🙂

SKEPTA & JME – That’s Not Me!…………Listen……Hood economics!

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