What is Black History?

When you think of ‘Black History’ what do you think of?
Some old time ting from like 300 years ago? …..Slavery?…. Africans?…. Martin Luther King?
Yeah of course all these things, people and events should be remembered but we also feel there’s more to ‘Black History’ and a cultural awareness that is also important, useful and inspiring!

Black History People

Firstly what is ‘history’?

Answer: “the past”

History isn’t defined as something that happened 10 or 100 years ago!
History hasn’t got a time scale. Anything that has happened is History!
History is what we remember!….and that’s why we’re taught it in school or Uni. Or why it’s written down.
If history is forgotten…how can it be History?

If History is forgotten it can become a story, a tale, a myth…. something that isn’t true!….or no longer important! Rebel Mc - Black Meaning Good

So what makes History?

Answer: We do!

We decide what, who and when “History” is made! Sometimes other people do it for us and say ‘this particular event is history’ or ‘this person is a historical figure’. But what makes that particular event or person soooo important and special that they become…. ummmm…..History!?

History is your Grandma telling you how to make fried dumplings!
History is your parents telling you how to make ackee and saltfish!
History is your Grandad telling you about his parents, his up bringing and how he used to climb trees and catch chickens!
History is knowing a good ‘Yam’ from a bad one!

Ackee and Saltfish with Fried Dumplings

History is knowing your history and where you came from!

History is written…spoken…told…

History is…. being remembered.

So while it’s vitally important that we don’t forget ‘Black History’ maybe we should also remember and recognise the history we’re making today!


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