Travis Little

Lets just say Travis Little has truly reignited that fire of arts and culture within the African-American community, across the world and all the way to the UK. We found out about this creative individual through our ever lasting search and quest for great inspirational musicians and talented artist world wide. Born in New York Travis Little blazed the fire with his amazing track from his mixtape Gate Keeper “Brown skin”. In such a time of racial oppression and racial genocide the track is very uplifting for both the African man and women in these hard times. It has a perfect balance of smooth ambient melodies with strong acoustic boom bop drum pattern with vocals that just sit in between those subway city sounds that just make everything feel so real. You got to listen to it for yourself!!!

This was jus the beginning we listened to the rest of his tracks on sound cloud and we was vybing non stop. Gate Keeper is a work of art from start to finish.

Its the funky, authentic, cultural style that grabbed our attention mixed in with the wide variety of lyrical content. Travis Little has a strong background in spoken word and a strong future in the music industry. We look forwards to hearing more good music!


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  1. Mareisa Hill

    That was hot Travis, keep it coming.

  2. Love

    Love this soooooong!!!!!!!! #imjustfreetalking