The “N” word.                                                                                               By: JON

Nword both

The “N” word seems to becoming more and more ummm..popular and acceptable to use these days. I personally listen to, watch and read a wide variety of content and have noticed the ‘N’ words frequency of use particularly in rap music and comedy sketches. I personally don’t greet my friends and family with “wassup my Nig*er” or use terms like..”them Nig*ers be like…”. ….or even….. “Dam! That Nig*er is dope”      Wtf!

I’m not trying to judge those who do speak like that, i’m just trying to understand why? Especially as it is or….was! such a powerful word that it’s use could spark a riot, end a life or cause serious problems if said by the wrong person or used out of context.
What’s the correct context???

I think it’s fair to say that the ummm…modern popularity of the “N” word stems from American rap music and culture but i’m still finding it hard to understand…why!?

N word T

Some historians say the word originates from ancient Egyptian “N-g-r” meaning “God” and N-t-y-r (Egypt; pronounced net-ger) meaning God, Divine and was used to describe black kings and pharaohs.
However…. by the 1700’s, it was widely used as a general term for black ‘slaves’ or ‘a black person who is pretty much worthless’.
The Oxford Dictionary’s definition is: A contemptuous term for a black person.

Various comments in the ‘Urban Dictionary’ appear to basically suggest that…black people with jobs are not ‘nig*ers’, but if your unemployed you are a “nig*er” because your also likely to be smoking yourself silly, jackin people for their tings and spittin bars. Is that the definition?

Soooo….i’m thinking black Slaves and Niggers are basically the same thing as Slaves would have ‘nothing’ of any worth apart from their lives.

Sooooo….If a Nigger is a worthless black person!…then when are you no longer a Nigger and just a ummmm.. ‘normal black person!?

Nword J

Is it when you’ve got a car?…a better car?…a flat?…a bigger flat?…a job?….a better job?….money?…mo’money???
Or is it personal perception? Ie:
X – “she’s worked really hard, she’s doing really well for herself”
Y- “she’s still a nigger thou”

Well i’m still confused!…. but I personally think we should remember the ‘current’ history of the word and stop saying it like it doesn’t mean anything!

I’d like to think that we’re ‘bigger’ than following ‘N word trend’ and not take it for some ‘joke ting’.
I can’t see what good can come out of it!?

And anyway…..
Black people have got their own words and expressions that aren’t so deep!!! One of my favs is…. “wasteman” and “wastegyal”.

Friend1: “I heard you and that girl dun?”
Friend2:  “yeah! she couldn’t cook or nothin! Just wanna look nice and spend $’s”, movie life gyal”.
Freind1:  “True…She was FIT! thou.
Freind2:  “Yeahh True! But she was just a….. wastegyal!

Don’t get it twisted


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