One Love Festival 2015

This year the ‘OneLoveFestival’ was held in picturesque location of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. The scenery and air was amazing…. refreshing!

In case you didn’t know…the ‘OneLoveFestival’ showcases a wide and diverse live mix of hugely talented Reggae artists and Blazin’ Soundsystems from the UK and beyond.
If you want food ….it’s there!
If you want crafts and culture…it’s there!
If you love Reggae music……check the OneLoveFestival!

OneLoveFestival 2015

We really wanted to give special shoutouts to some of the sets and individuals that touched us…but we we’re asked not to, as it’s truly everyone that went and took part that made the event!

Soooo…. maximum respect to the ‘gate’ the Dub Tents, Soundsystems, Dubplates and clashes! Live acts and artists….but most of all….. the people! ❤️??

OneLove! Bless!


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