Omar – Best by far

Omar – Best by far

Omar is an multi-talented UK singer, songwriter, musician and artist who appears to have a deep spiritual vibe that resonates throughout his music. Omar has produced a number top tunes that you may already know! but unfortunately it would take us quite some time to review and give due credit to the all of them. Sooo…the tune we’re feeling right now is best by far.
No seriously it is called…’Best by far’!

To some music aficionados this track title may be debatable! but the simple but complex melodies of this track make this a tune!!!

The bassline and rhythm is cool and easy like a crisp summers day…with a sweet Neo-soul vibe that you can sing to, move to, groove to, chill to and bling to!

Omar – ‘Best by far’

Tunnne! Check it!

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