Kanye West – All Day (Glastonbury 2015)

How many times can Kanye say nigga? All day nigga!

Ok so we checked out Kanye’s Glastonbury set……and what we don’t get is why a black man would wanna jump on stage and encourage an overwhelmingly white audience to shout “nigga”.???
If someone (or even Kanye!?) would like to explain the rationale about this please do!….because….. we ….just …..don’t….. get it!

The UK culture and vybez is totally different from the US.
….and Glastonbury isn’t Coachella!

Don’t get it twisted.

Imagine being ‘black, brown’ and surrounded by 1000’s of white people shouting “Nigga” at the top of their voices!
What you gonna do?
What you gonna say?
Are you gonna say nothing, laugh it off and try to act like your white!?
Or you gonna sing along like uncle Tom to try and make things right!?

It will never be.

I’m kinda glad the set was scheduled at night!

All day nigga….is just reinforcing a slave mentality!
Brain washing people of colour to believe it’s what you wanna be!

Is the rationale to try and make us forget the evil?
Or is it make us think, that right now we’re equal?
We’re not!

Hopefully the next (if their is a next!) black man to be top billin at Glastonbury’ will take the opportunity seriously and promote peace and unity and not segregation, oppression and aggression.


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