Post Logo 2015

Ok, just a little something to keep you all updated with our journey and progression ohgosh! style!

Really sorry if we’ve been a bit quiet recently but behind the scenes and over the last few months we’ve been working on implementing more of the music side of ‘ohgosh’ and will soon be featuring reviews, events, showcases, lists and compilations of various artists and genre’s of music that we’re feelin and bringing this to .

This progression has been really difficult to introduce, mainly because we wanna keep ‘ohgosh!’ as real as we can!….and some people just can’t take the…’realness’…if you know what we mean! :-/…but we’re gonna come with it anyway 😉 …cause if we didn’t we wouldn’t be… Post Logo 2015.

To help us do this we want you to get ‘more involved’ and say who you think we should feature? Which tunes are the real… ‘bangers’. Up and comers and exclusives! Interviews and all that stuff.

So hold tight and holla at… and join us as we continue to make history!


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